Segment 2: Business as usual

published on April 15, 2020

Persistent budgeters, I've got other concerns, moderates

big smile emoji to represent the business as usual segment of consumers

This group reports very few changes to daily life and are less concerned about the pandemic than other consumer groups.

This group has been less impacted and may have already been performing some of these activities more than other groups. For example, more than half indicate they are not cooking more than usual, likely because they were already doing so. They are less concerned about economic impacts and less likely to change their spending, perhaps because their budgets were already focused on necessities. Most feel that their activities and habits will go back to normal.

Many are not changing behaviors unless forced to.collage of social media posts that demonstrate feelings of "business as usual" during COVID-19@rockingbarhranch, @CrowsFault, @yenkarenann, @dollydelongphoto

Nearly one-third are from the Midwest, so they may be more insulated from COVID-19 than other groups. One-fifth are homemakers, with the highest number of children in the household, and are also most likely to be divorced (15%). However, they have only moderate incomes to support their families (52% earning $50K to under $100K).

  • Habit changes: "I haven't made any changes that were not forced upon me, and I don't anticipate continuing them."
  • Biggest concern: "Fear and anxiety — most people are freaking out and hoarding — there is no sense of community in some areas."

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