Using text analytics to create a unique customer experience

published on October, 2021

Colorful word cloud in the shape of a speech bubble.Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a unique customer experience, but all great experiences stem from the same simple action — listening to your customers.

It can be intimidating to gather and analyze customer comments. From surveys to emails to social media posts, a lot of data exists, and — thanks to modern text analytics tools — we can effectively unlock the powerful trends hidden within that data.

Letting the voice(s) of the customer(s) guide customer experience improvement

Text analytics should capture all types of customers (both in-person or online) to truly understand and improve the customer experience. For example, the retail industry — especially the grocery sector — needs to find ways to remain competitive with their existing consumers who use traditional shopping channels while simultaneously embracing these new shopping experiences. Omnichannel customer experience research has never been of greater importance. A modern text analytics tool is critical to ensuring all customers’ opinions and experiences are appropriately accounted for and analyzed.

Finding patterns within customers’ unstructured online data

The volume of useful information available in the form of unstructured online data — reviews, social media posts, chat transcripts, emails, and survey responses — may seem insurmountable. However, we have come to realize that common themes run through all forms of human communication. Using text analytics to find what you’re missing in consumer comments enables organizations and analysts to see these themes efficiently. The things that customers share with you can add to significant customer experience improvements. Successful businesses mine this data into meaningful patterns to improve customer experience, customer service, products, brand opportunities, and more.

Bellomy's The cover of Bellomy's whitepaper titled "Five text analytics myths you should stop believing." Unstructured data is complex and so are the tools used to analyze it. Make sure you’re not falling for one of these five common text analytics misconceptions — but here's what to do about it if you are.

Understanding customers’ nuanced emotions to increase loyalty, sales

Customers who feel appreciated, understood, and respected are more likely to be loyal and become advocates of your brand. Yet, some companies don’t keep a pulse on their interactions with customers and prospects. Modern text analytics tools can help organizations untangle the intricacies of the sentiments and emotions expressed in comments and pinpoint ways businesses can build stronger, more empathetic connections with customers. Unstructured data is suddenly transformed into actionable insights that companies can use to drive sales, loyalty, and referrals.

Building unique customer experiences based on your unique customers

Your customers hold the keys to unlocking their ideal customer experience. Listening to their experiences and perceptions of interactions with your organization can reveal a treasure trove of information that should drive improved customer experience. 

Bellomy has the tools and expertise to analyze and create value from customer comments effectively. Our approach to customer experience is customized, agile, and data-driven. Connect with a CX specialist if you’d like to learn more about how we leverage our proprietary technology and team’s expertise to improve customer experience.