How to improve customer experience using journey mapping

published on October, 2021

Every day, customers embark on multiple journeys. How customers experience and navigate their journey often impacts whether or not they ultimately decide to engage your brand. Improving the touchpoints that make up customer journeys can only mean one thing — improving the customer experience.Illustration of customer journey through awareness, consideration, decision, retention, and advocacy stages.

The best way to evaluate the customer journey, its touchpoints

Journey mapping is one method of understanding and analyzing the customer journey. A journey map is a visualization tool that combines the path to purchase and customer journey. Journey maps are powerful artifacts for improving the customer experience because they examine three significant elements of the journey:

  1. The channel of interaction
  2. The actions taken
  3. The experience

Creating and analyzing a journey map gives organizations a holistic understanding of what’s happening at specific touchpoints and can guide them in determining potential solutions for making the overall customer experience more impactful and successful. 

Customer journey — the CX big picture

It’s essential to take a holistic approach by analyzing feedback from three different levels of the customer experience:

  1. Touchpoint-level feedback: Which moments matter most in customer experiences?
  2. Journey-level feedback: How are they fulfilling their needs?
  3. Relationship-level feedback: How do your customers perceive you?

By analyzing touchpoints in the context of journeys and journeys in the context of the relationship, we gain a complete vision of the customer experience across their lifecycle with the business. 

Customer journeys open the door to maximizing customer lifetime value

Feedback from customer journeys opens the door to improving customer experiences and, ultimately, maximizing customer lifetime value. Growth can (and should) happen at every stage of the customer relationship: whether that’s by acquiring more customers, minimizing churn, or improving loyalty. When it comes to relationships with your customers, the most effective approach to improving CX is focused on the bottom line and finding actionable ways to maximize customer lifetime value.

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