Segment 4: Prepared and aware

published on April 15, 2020

Big picture, the greater good, social distance and chill

neutral emoji to represent the prepared and aware segment of consumers

These family-oriented folks are not panicking but they are taking things seriously.

This segment was most likely to be employed full-time before the virus; however, about 16% are out of work now. Prior to COVID-19 they had the most comfortable incomes, with 34% earning over $100K. These consumers tend to have children in their households, and most are married and own their home.

Financially comfortable — this group may be found waiting for their UberEats delivery while reading the latest news about the virus on their iPads.

collage of social media posts to represent consumers that are prepared and aware during COVID-19
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These consumers are likely to make new clothing purchases in the coming months and plan to rely on in-store pick-up options. This group anticipates getting food delivered to their home often, nearly 11 times on average expected this month, as well as cooking more at home. It's possible they did a lot of eating out and socializing before restrictions were put into place. These consumers are uncertain about what's to come and about half are concerned about the financial future.

  • Habit changes: "More sanitation after using public places, like hand sanitizer after groceries and cleaning my phone more often"
  • Biggest concern: "My family catching the virus and people not taking this seriously."

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