• Pandemic fueling the digital transformation

    Pandemic fueling the digital transformation

    Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic is shaping and transforming our society and culture worldwide, quickly, and before our eyes. It’s still early, but there's one clear pattern emerging: consumers are staying home and transacting online more than ever before. 
  • survey response pandemic

    Survey response in the time of pandemic

    It is a common refrain in the survey research industry: any change impacting large populations will have an impact on response rates and possibly change how people respond. During natural disasters such as hurricanes or typhoons, many halt research in the impacted areas.
  • Slide from Bellomy's "blender" research report

    Bellomy Blender Q1 2019 - Financial

    Intelligent consumers are holding companies to the environmental standards they claim to have. The emergence of #greenwashing has given a voice to those who expect institutions to be forward-thinking and sustainable.
  • Slide from Bellomy's "blender" research report

    Bellomy Blender Q4 2018 - Financial

    People have grown a negative outlook on financial topics in Q4 2018. Fewer people are posting, but students on twitter are making their voices heard over concerns about unfair banking fees.
  • Bellomy Blender Q3 2018 - Financial

    Attitudes were exceptionally positive in Q3 compared to the previous year. Conversations around bitcoin were reignited after Mastercard’s decision to shut down Robert Spencer’s Patreon account over hateful content.
  • Bellomy Blender Q2 2018 - Financial

    The bitcoin buzz has yet to quiet down in Q2 2018. New initial coin offerings are expanding ideas about what is possible with cryptocurrency and blockchain. And Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional hearings have opened larger concerns cybersecurity among financial institutions that handle large volumes of customer data.
  • UX research

    Are your digital touchpoints under-performing?

    Very few organizations question the value of User Experience (UX) research when designing or overhauling their digital touchpoints. Recognizing the value in UX and implementing a company culture that encourages and utilizes user research are two different challenges.