• Bellomy Blender Q2 2018 - Financial

    The bitcoin buzz has yet to quiet down in Q2 2018. New initial coin offerings are expanding ideas about what is possible with cryptocurrency and blockchain. And Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional hearings have opened larger concerns cybersecurity among financial institutions that handle large volumes of customer data.
  • Bellomy Blender Q2 2018 - Healthcare

    Q2 2018 brought with it new conversations around health. Digipharm’s business model opened new conversations about the potential for intersection between cryptocurrency and healthcare. Users of Twitter and Facebook have mixed opinions about healthcare acquisitions, and Amazon breaks into the sector with a controversial figure at its head.
  • Bellomy Blender Q2 2018 - Retail

    It was all about Amazon on social media during Q2 2018. Reactions to the first Amazon Go stores have been largely positive, in spite of concerns about potential job displacement. In the fashion space, retailers are feeling the heat from Amazon’s new Prime Wardrobe offering. And Video is becoming a more frequent medium for reviewing retail products.
  • UX research

    Are your digital touchpoints under-performing?

    Very few organizations question the value of User Experience (UX) research when designing or overhauling their digital touchpoints. Recognizing the value in UX and implementing a company culture that encourages and utilizes user research are two different challenges. 
  • innovation requires balance

    Balancing creativity and process when innovating

    Have we forgotten that innovation at its core is about creativity? Take creativity and all of its inefficiency and “messiness” out of the process and you won’t be innovative. Timelines, formulas, and stage gates do help guide your progress but relying on them to produce your close-in — let alone breakthrough — innovation will turn your innovation resources into just a cost center. No competent innovation specialist (and most of them are competent) does this consciously. It simply happens inadvertently all too often and dooms the innovation process.